Networking Social

9/14 | 5pm 

Speed Dating w/ Brothers


9/17 | 5pm



9/18 | 5pm


Speaker: Past Grand President Randy Hultz

9/20 | 5pm

A brother of Delta Sigma Pi must resemble and abide to the following:  

  • Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA

  • Be pursuing a business related undergraduate degree

  • Follow and abide to rules and regulations carried out by the bylaws of Delta Sigma Pi

  • Not already be a member of any other acknowledged Professional Business Fraternity

  • Uphold and maintain a good moral standard

  • Follow the characteristics of an ideal Delta Sigma Pi brother:

    • Attend all meetings, activities, and events of the chapter unless there is an important reason for absence. The President, or his or her designee, must be notified in advance of all planned absences. 

    • Completely perform all assigned duties when elected to office or appointed on committees. 

    • Actively search for candidates most qualified for membership in the Fraternity. 

    • Assist fellow members to fulfill the Purpose of the Fraternity. 

    • Pay all financial obligations in full and on time. 

    • Actively support the Fraternity throughout your lifetime. 

    • Live up to the highest standards of business principles and honesty.